Custom Log Stores


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As with most of our products our log stores can be customised to suit your needs. Here are some examples of our custom log stores.

Slimline design with recycling box storage area.

custom log stores

Large Log Store with cupboard storage for wheelie bins.

Custom Log Store

custom log stores


  • length – 5m (17.5ft)
  • Width – 0.9m (3ft)
  • Height front – 1.5m (5ft)
  • Height back – 1.8m   (6ft)


  • £995.00 – Sawn Timber
  • £1145.00 – Planed Timber

The ramp is an additional £35.00 and can be added to your order.

We can build our log stores to suit your needs, in any size and to fit almost any area. We are always happy to help, simply contact us for a free quote on 01398 332266 or email us

Planed Timber, Sawn Timber

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