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Bird Hyde - The Wooden Workshop Oakford Devon

This bird hide was built for a hotel in South Molton and the customer wanted a bird hide for guests to use during their stay.

Construction & Installation

We cleared an area of  the woodland for the propsed bird hide to be constructed on. The site was leveled with sleepers and secured with concrete

  • The Bird hide consists of 50mmx 75mm timbers for the framework of the building
  • Dung Walling for the floor
  • 16mm waney edge cladding
  • Roof struts   45mm x 70mm
  • Onduline roofing sheets supported by a 12mm OSB 3 Sterling board
  • Six Windows with window shutters on  pulley sysytems
  • One single ledge and brace door
  • Galvanised ironmongery


Inside the bird hyde we installed some benches and all the windows had shutters which worked on pulley systems

Bird Hyde Wooden Shutters- The Wooden Workshop Oakford Devon


3.7m x 2.5m

2.4m (on the back) sloping down to 2m (on the front)

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