Here’s a storage shed and workspace we created for a business in Dulverton. This site threw up a few different challenges, but by working closely with the customer we created a purpose built work area to suit both the space and our clients needs.

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Preparing the site.

We often make site visits prior to commencing work to avoid any unexpected problems, this way we can plan in advance to ensure a fast and efficient delivery.

Before this installation we prepared the site to ensure a firm and level base.


storage shed                     storage shed











As the area where the shed was to be sited was a small enclosed yard with a protruding wall, we had to make a few modifications to our usual shed design. The door was offset and angled and is folded open on a double set of hinges rather than a straightforward double door. Access was also limited, taking us through low, narrow doorways so we changed our design to accomodate this.



Inner storage and skylighting.

The roof was finished with Onduline and corrugated perspex to let in maximum light, we also created a set of foldable shelving.

  Folding shelves


For details or a quote on this, or any of our sheds or to see how we can help you with any of your storage needs please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 01398332266

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