Animal Housing

We provide all kinds of Animal housing here at The Wooden Workshop. Animal welfare is very important to us and we always strive to produce the best possible housing. Using quality timber with animal friendly treatments, anti chew strips and quality workmanship throughout we can provide a long lasting, comfortable home for your pet.

Chicken Houses

Whether you are keeping a couple of backyard chickens, or a larger flock of happy hens, we have housing to keep both you and your animals content.

Our Chicken Arks are a great solution when space is at a premium, or for smaller groups and Bantams. Solidly built with an attached secure run, this unit can be moved around the garden to prevent fouling of the ground,  keeping your chickens happy and healthy while providing protection from predators. Arks are also useful for separating a sitting hen or a mother and Chicks.

Our Chicken sheds are great for larger flocks, providing safe, secure roosting and nesting areas. With easy access nest boxes, good ventilation and simple to clean, your hens will be safe, happy and healthy. Our chickens sheds can be customised to fit your needs. We can also undertake any groundwork needed to ensure a firm and level base.

Animal Housing

Dog Kennels

All of our Kennels are secure and sturdy with Anti Chew strips fitted throughout, we can make various designs and sizes to suit all breeds.

Dog Kennel 8ft x 3fDog Kennel 8ft x 4ft The Wooden Workshop Bampton Devont The Wooden Workshop Bampton Devon

Rabbit Hutches and Runs

Our Rabbit and small animal hutches provide a warm and snug home for your pet. Available in a range of sizes made to order, we take Animal welfare seriously and ensure that our hutches are spacious and simple to clean, with cosy, draught free nest areas. We can make hutches with attached runs and also separate, stand alone runs in a variety of sizes.



As well as the products listed on our website we can also make Duck Houses, Aviary’s, Cat Boxes, Whelping boxes, Rearing sections and many other comfortable homes and useful products for your pets, simply contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll do our very best to help.

To make your animal’s housing even cosier, Zeipet have a range of stylish pet beds and accessories.

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