We create a variety of Chicken Housing here at The Wooden Workshop and are more than happy to make any design you may have in mind.
Whether you have a few backyard hens or a gaggle of geese, we can make housing to suit your needs.

Our Chicken Arks are a versatile and practical solution for smaller flocks, Bantams or for separating brooding hens. They provide secure, self-contained roosting and outdoor space, which can be moved easily to prevent fouling of the grass.

Chicken Sheds can be built in a variety of sizes to accommodate larger flocks comfortably and safely. Sheds have accessible nesting boxes and large easy access doors, for easier cleaning.

As well as the above options, we can also build large, secure pens to keep your free range chickens from wandering too far from home, solar powered entry systems, and wheeled units are also available. Contact us on 01398 332266 for more details. www.wooden-workshop.co.uk

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