Furniture Restoration projects

Furniture Restoration Projects

Furniture restoration

This chair came to us from a local gentleman and it was in much need of restoration.

The wooden slats were rotten through

The bolts were hardly holding the chair together.

The paint was flaking off the metal framework

At The Wooden Workshop we do furniture restoration projects and we stripped the chair right back. We used a grinder to remove all the layers of paint and took it right back to the original framework.

We used Sapele which is a hardwood known for its hard-wearing properties if treated correctly. We finished it with three coats of flexterior exterior varnish. The framework also had three coats of white Hammerite paint.

We used coach bolts to hold it all back together and in place.

The owner was very pleased to have this piece of furniture restored as it was over 100 years old!

If you have any furniture you need restoring then please get in contact with us. You can call 01398 332266 / 07787283970 or email us: We can provide a free written quotation for you.

Any further furniture restoration we get we will post on here so do keep checking back for updates.

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