Rabbit Runs


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Rabbit Runs

This is one of our rabbit runs but is also suitable for Guinea Pigs

Rabbit / Guinea pig run
Rabbits and Guinea pigs need adequate space to exercise, by providing them with a run they can achieve this and therefore be happier pets.

Product features:

  • Built from 50mm x 25mm timber
  • 12mm x 12mm galvanised welded mesh suitable for small animals
  • Tee hinges and tower bolt secure the door.
  • Top opening door for easy access.
  • This can be easily adapted to for an existing hutch.
  • This can be made to order of any particular size you require.


All of our timber is already pressure treated to protect from decay and the weather elements.


  • 152.5 cm (5ft) – Length
  • 91.5cm (3ft) – Width
  • 40cm (16″) – Height



This can be collected directly from our workshop in Bampton or it can now be purchased in our online shop.

NOTE: This picture shows the run which has been stained, when delivered it will be in green tanalised treated timber