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Playpod front. The Wooden Workshop, Bampton, Devon.

This is our unique, custom designed play pod. With lots of interesting features to keep your little ones entertained, this compact curved play house is an eye catching addition for any garden.

Built on a strong raised frame this play pod can be used on grassed areas or hardstanding and provides an interesting crawl space for younger children to crawl and play, or space for storing outdoor toys.

The unique curved roof is an attractive feature but also functional, as any items accidently thrown onto the roof fall back off , removing any temptation for children to climb up and retrieve them!

Playpod rear window. The Wooden Workshop. Bampton, Devon.

The panelled windows are glazed internally, with large sheets of 4mm perspex for safety.

The wide steps are spaced for smaller legs and lead up to a split stable door. Inside the playpod there are two built in storage benches with hinged lids, one of which leads to the built in ‘snack hatch’ on the side of the pod.

This pod is perfect for children up to around 10 -12 years but can also be built in larger sizes, including full adult size. Making an unusual summerhouse, fishing lodge, or shed. You can also add a porch, double doors or extra seating for outdoor entertaining!


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