Hardwood Garden Bench – Idigbo

Hardwood Garden Bench

Our craftsman built Idigbo Garden bench makes a stylish addition to any garden. Expertly hand built, this bench can also make a lovely commemorative peice, see our engraving page for details.

Product features:

  • This hardwood garden bench has been constructed using solely mortise and tenon joints for maximum strength. The only screws used are to hold the seat slats in place.
  • It can be finished in a UV protected and fungicidal exterior varnish offering maximum protection against all weather elements for an additional £60.


  • This bench has been made using Idigbo, which is a hardwood often referred to as a great alternative to oak.
  • This bench can be made in any of the following: hardwoods – Oak, Sapele, Iroko. Softwoods – Redwood


  • length – 1.2m (4ft), 1.5m (5ft) and 1.8m (6ft)


  • 4ft – £375.00 (unfinished)

  • 5ft – £425.00 (unfinished)

  • 6ft – £465.00 (unfinished)

These benches can be collected from our workshop or they can be purchased in our online shop. You can choose to have a finished bench in our online shop. A finished bench will come with three coats of a an exterior varnish.

This is only one example of what we can do, if you require different sizes, designs or materials please get in contact and we can provide a free written estimate for you.
We can also make these benches for memorial benches with a plaque and engraving of your choice.

You can contact us at The Wooden Workshop, Bampton, Devon – near Tiverton and Exmoor by phoning 01398 332266  or email us at info@wooden-workshop.co.uk