Mobile Stables

Mobile stable front,The Wooden Workshop, Oakford, Devon

Build on galvanised steel framed skids, this feild shelter and mobile stable provides a portable and secure shelter.

Construction and design

Built on a galvanised steel frame with skids, this stable is designed to be moved around the paddock by being pulled by a vehicle. The framework was constructed from 50mm x 75mm timbers and the interior is lined with OSB 3 sterling board upto 1.2m,the exterior was finished with 19mm shiplap. The structure was finished with a durable onduline roof, fully supported by 12mm pressure treated plyboard.


This stable was created in our workshop in portable panels, making installation fast and simple. The entire split door frame was fitted with anti chew strips for durability and the window was fitted with 2mm wire mesh for light and ventilation.

We custom build all of our products to your exact specifications to ensure you get the perfect product to suit your needs. We also create and refurbish existing stable blocks and field shelters.

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