Chicken Arks

Chicken Arks Are A Practical And Versatile Way Of Managing Your Backyard Hens, Movable And Self Contained They Keep Your Hens Happy And Safe From Predators.

This is our standard ark.

Chicken Arks

Product Features:

  • This chicken housing is suitable for 2 to 3 hens.
  • Large Nest box inside as well as a perch
  • Removable door for ease of cleaning
  • Internal release door can be opened from outside the ark.
  • Sold fully assembled
  • Extremely solid and well constructed chicken ark which has been handmade to produce the highest quality.
  • Option of having it on wheels for ease of movement.


The timber we use has already been pressure treated to help protect it against decay and weather elements.


  • 180cm length
  • 96cm Height
  • 96cm Width


We can also build a wire enclosed run which sits under the chicken ark, giving your chickens even more space to roam while keeping them safe.



We can put this ark on wheels for ease of movement at an additional cost of £36.00

We can also build larger scale poultry pens.  Please contact us for more information.

We also make larger chicken sheds, please see our chicken shed page

You can contact us at The Wooden Workshop, Bampton, Devon – near Tiverton and Exmoor by phoning 01398 332266 or email us at

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