Wood is a beautiful, natural and versatile material, making it the perfect choice for both interior and exterior furniture. To keep your products looking as good as they day they were made, wood needs care and maintenance to keep it protected from the elements. Here’s a brief guide to taking care of our products.

Interior Woodcare

Banister rail and spindles

Interior timber needs to be treated in different ways depending on use and location. Light coatings, such as wax need to be reapplied regularly to keep up protection and appearance, while harder coatings such as varnish need to be removed and replaced if signs of wear appear.

Light use furniture, dressers and cupboards can be treated with anything from a coat of wax to a varnished or painted finish, protecting from light spills and marks.

Worktops, kitchen fixtures and bathroom furniture need extra protection. Wood is naturally porous and can warp or rot if unprotected. Food safe worktop oil provides a water repellant seal and odour free protection suitable for food use. A good quality mildew resistant paint or varnish is best for areas with high levels of damp or water use.

Banister and floors are high traffic and prone to the most damage in our homes. Good quality wooden flooring is an expensive but life long investment, with the proper finish a wooden floor can last a lifetime. There are many ways to protect wooden flooring, from waxes to varnishes, high use areas will need a good protective coating to prevent scratches.

Exterior Woodcare

Sapele bench detail. The Wooden Workshop, Oakford, Devon.

Exterior woodcare is essential for almost all timber products, exposure to the elements can cause fast deterioration if not kept in check.

Fences, sheds and decking. The majority of these products are made from softwood, it’s cost effective and easy to work with in a variety styles, all of our softwoods are pressure treated to prevent rot and decay. For extra protection or even to add a splash of colour there are a wide range of coverings available. We use Sadolin superdec on our products, they are high quality, durable finishes in a whole rainbow of colours.

Hardwood furniture and benches. The treatments for these items depends greatly on the type of wood used.

As these items are usually stored outside throughout the year it is essential to apply the correct treatment and reapply each year to keep your furniture in perfect condition.

More information on the different hardwoods we use and their treatments can be found here.

Furniture and fixtures.

sink Unit2

The furniture we supply with all of our products is heavy duty, requiring very little maintenance aside from surface cleaning. Our Black Fleur de lys furniture, being more ornate cast iron, needs a little more care to keep it in top condition. We supply a free tin of maintenance wax with all of our fleur de lys furniture to keep that freshly cast finish.

With the right care, your wooden furniture can look as beautiful as the day it was made for years to come. For more advice or information, or to order any of our products please call us on 01398332266 or email us at info@wooden-workshop.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

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