We have had a break from our weekly roundups recently, but now it’s that time again. Weekly roundup 12!

roundup 12. The Wooden Workshop. Bampton, Devon.

This week we have been very busy, both in the workshop and on site.  We replaced a set of rotten gateposts with some lovely new Oak replacements, ready for a new set of double gates we’re working on. This also involved some groundworks and modification of a paved driveway. We undertake many groundwork projects as part of our fitting and delivery service. More information on this is coming soon!

As well as our gates we have also built a large log store,  with ramps included for easy storage of refuse bins. All our logstores can be customised to fit a variety of purposes, sizes and areas.

Stable doors. The Wooden Workshop. Bampton, Devon.

At the end of last week we completed a renovation project on a set of stables, replacing some doors and repairing others. A full blog post on this is also coming soon, keep an eye on our facebook page for more details and while you are there why not give us a like! You will be entered into our prize draw to win one of our multi seat benches.

Adam and Dean. The Wooden Workshop. Bampton, Devon.

To end this week we also had a surprise visitor. Adam, who has been at home recovering from an accident, popped in for a visit and a cuppa! He’s recovering well and we hope to see him back to his old self soon.

Enjoy the long weekend!







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