Our Wooden Workshop Week is our new weekly news blog. Updated every Friday, with all the details of our ongoing projects, new products and anything else we think would be nice to share!

So, To start us off, here’s a recap of the last week in our workshop, we delivered our first prototype beach hut! What a fantastic sight to see all of our hard work being lowered into place on the beautiful beach at Alum Chime, Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Beach Hut. The Wooden Workshop, Bampton, Devon.

We also delivered a fantastic new chicken house, this model is on a specially fabricated trolley to make it more portable and also has a solar powered entry system, so you don’t have to be up with the birds to let your chickens out in the morning!


This timber see saw has been created to replace an old one at Stoodleigh play area.

As well as these products we’ve also been making picnic benches, log stores, and a hardwood door and frame with a pretty stained glass window!

It’s safe to say we’ve really earned our weekend this week!

Now we’re in April, we have a new monthly special offer. Get 5% of our Chicken housing, see our special offers page for full details.

Have a great weekend, from all of us at The Wooden Workshop!









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