We were recently commisioned by our local primary school to create a decorative partition for their new classroom.

Tree partition

The design brief was to create a semi open screen in the shape of a tree, with lots of places to hang display items. It was to be fitted onto an existing low wall which seperates the cloakroom area from the main classroom.

We created a wide, sweeping tree design, with plenty of space between the leaves and branches to allow children using the cloakroom to be seen. While adding plenty of rounded ‘bud’ hanging points.

tree front view edit

The tree was hand cut from 20mm MDF and securely fitted to the wall using 100mm spring toggle fasteners.

Classroom tree edit

We undertake lots of interesting bespoke projects here at The Wooden Workshop. We can help you create your perfect product right from design to fitting.  To discuss your ideas or for a free quote call us on 01398 332266 or email info@wooden-workshop.co.uk

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